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Casual Gamer Vol. 1: New Beginnings


Our EIC begins a new venture on the site.  Discussing Gaming.

It all started with one commercial…

This has been a long gestating plan.  It started in the midst of the Pandemic (not like we are not going through it still) and my diving back into gaming.  I’ve never been what people consider a hardcore gamer.  I’ve had systems but never been consistent.  My love has always been unabated. 

From that Christmas Morning back in 1985 when my Parent somehow managed to pull off the impossible, A Nintendo Entertainment System.  It wasn’t the first NES package.  The one with the Light Gun and R.O.B. the Robot.  I didn’t get Super Mario, I got Duck Hunt and Gyromite!  That damn dog still laughs at me even now.  Thus began my causal obsession with gaming.  

I’ve always ebbed and flowed with gaming.  I’ve been a Nintendo guy at heart but Playstation has always been my jam with Next Gen consoles.  I’m not an Xbox guy.  Never have been.  Probably never will be.  I figured now would be a good time to talk bonafides;

The Stuff That Dreams Were Made Out of In 1985…

I have as systems; NES, Genesis, SNES, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, TruboGrafix16 Portable, N64, Dreamcast, Playstation 1, Game Cube, Playstation 2, Playstation Portable, Wii, Playstation 3, NES Switch, Playstation 5.

As you can tell sometimes, I skipped entire platforms.  Why?  Well, it was probably a combination of interest and money. Gaming is not a cheap habit.  Especially, if you’re a Film Nerd first and your love of cinema comes before anything. 

What are some of my favorite on-going series?  Zelda, Borderlands, Uncharted, Wolfenstein, anything Star Wars Related, Animal Crossing, MSG, Gods of War, Spider-Man.

As you can tell I’m not really a PSF guy or an RPG guy or an MMO guy either.  Occasionally, an entry in a series will interest me but COD, Halo, and the like are very much just not my jam.  Though the new COD (Call of Duty: Cold War) looks pretty badass.  I won’t play MMO anymore after the disaster that was Star Wars Online (that could be an article in it of itself). 

This column will be about gaming and games but told from a personal perspective.  I love gaming and the way that gaming has entered the film culture.  Look at the way that Gaspar Noe’s films and their use of the Third Person POV to an artful end (don’t worry, we’ll get into that).  They are also their own entity that have nothing to do with Film.  A new realm of storytelling (well not really as they’ve been around for over fifty years) with amazing creator.  They’ll be reviews, of course, but also a look back at older games, movies, documentaries, music, everything that this venture of storytelling branches out to. 

We will be back in a few days with our first official discussion.  

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