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Kobayashi Marie #31: Star Trek Discovery Sn 3 Ep 2

Kobayashi Marie

Kobayashi Marie continues its adventure into the third season of Star Trek Discovery with the Episode – Far from Home

 “You have some Leland on your shoe”

A Kelpien and a human walk into a bar …

A good chunk of the second episode of this third season of Discovery does play out like some kind of western which brings a very 20th century feel to something which is actually set in the 32nd century.

If you listened to my Star Trek Stroll last week, you’ll have heard me say that although I loved Burnham and Book, I was missing my Discovery crew. Well, this time everything is the other way around as we find out how the crew has fared and only see Burnham in the very last scene.

Brace, brace, brace … Discovery has not come through this journey too well and both ship and crew are definitely the worse for wear. I do like a crash landing and this one looked spectacular, in the sense that it rivaled anything we have seen in any of the Star Trek films. I wonder how much of the series budget was used up on just those few minutes?

A quick check shows us that all our regular bridge officers have made it through, but of course, the ship has sustained damage and is stuck for a while. These are the times that I really miss Scotty, but the pairing of Stamets (Anthony Rapp) and Reno (Tig Notaro) is the nearest we get. Stamets should clearly not be crawling around inside a Jefferies tube in his condition, but I guess he’s been worse. As far as Jett Reno is concerned, the jury is still out with me. I know lots of people enjoy the ‘witty repartee’ that is her trademark. For me, it’s too much – in that she is just a little one-tone. Surely nobody can be that sarcastic all of the time? I’m currently not finding it endearing and it’s becoming very annoying.

But my biggest worry right now is Keyla Detmer (Emily Coutts). Successfully carrying out a crash landing and with only a few scratches, she’s given the all-clear by Dr. Pollard (Raven Dauda). But as soon as that happens, it’s safe to say that whatever is wrong with Detmer, it’s not good and it’s going to playback in later. In other words – Is Detmer Going To Get A Storyline?! One of my wishes from previous seasons was for some of the lesser-seen bridge crew to get more of a story so hopefully, this is Keyla’s time.

One thing that delighted me though, fleeting though it was, was to hear the line “Rhys, you have the conn” so that Gen Rhys (Patrick Kwok-Choon) gets to command the bridge in Saru’s (Doug Jones) absence. As Discovery is missing a captain right now, there’s hope that we’ll get more of this.

A word for Saru in this episode – he is magnificent now that he is properly in charge! He’s taking no nonsense from Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) and puts her firmly in her place – her lack of success in beating him into submission or uncertainty was great fun, and I think she has probably met her match in New Saru, who is now both fearless and practical. Although I did genuinely fear that we were about to lose Georgiou a couple of times when she was being fired on in the bar. I wondered if this time they were actually going to kill her for real and I will admit to having a few tense seconds. But then, they had just hinted that she was about to have some fun times with Linus (David Benjamin Tomlinson) – “… you much have an enormous visible spectrum…” – so that would have been an unfortunate end.

I’m not a big fan of westerns and so the bar setting, which served as a place to get equipment fixed and therefore move the plot forward, was just mildly entertaining but nothing more. It seems like an enormous bar for a settlement that had only around 50 people. I also feel that Tilly (Mary Wiseman) was underused, and did not get the chance to shine that Saru had foreseen. She turned out to be the woman in distress who stands around while the men talk, then gets threatened by the bad guys in the saloon. I think she deserves better than that.

And then at the end of the episode who comes along to rescue them from the parasitic ice (yes, parasitic ice, I wanted to know more about that) but our own Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green), who’s been waiting a year for their arrival. Or has she? I keep doing this, but my first thought was “is that really her?” Why am I so suspicious all the time?

In theory then, it’s all set up for the Grand Reunion next week. We hope.

Kobayashi Marie will be back on Tuesday with an all-new column for Season 3 of Star Trek Discovery

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