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Wander Darkly – AFI Film Festival 2020

Wander Darkly

Sienna Miller and Diego Luna anchor this meditation on life, death, and love.  

Writer/Director Tara Miele’s Wander Darkly is a metaphysical love story.  One that is both about life and death and everything in between.  Much of the film centers around the mystery if Adrienne (Miller) and Matteo (Luna) are really alive.  Each challenges the other after a tragedy befalls them, pushing one another to see life in a new way.  The couple with their newborn shift through times and realities to face the hard facts and warm memories of their life together.  

Miele manages to make not only a love story but a love letter to Los Angeles.  Shot in and around the various parts of the city not normally shot.  Miele and cinematographer Carolina Costa give the city an ethereal quality few filmmakers impose on the city to wonderful affect.  Wander Darkly is the kind of love story that people will find beauty in its moroseness because of how effective the lead actors are.  

Wander Darkly is playing AFI Film Festival 2020 as a part of its World Cinema Series 

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