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The Intruder – London Film Festival 2020

The Intruder

An intriguing opening and a musical finale bookend this Argentinian horror-thriller – but the middle sags and doesn’t live up to initial promise.

How much does love consume us? How much control should we cede in a relationship? And how to respond when things are not going as we would like?

All of these questions are implied by director Natalia Meta (Death in Buenos Aires) in her latest horror-inflected psychological thriller starring Érica Rivas (the bride in Wild Tales) as Inés, a singer and voice-over artist in Buenos Aires.

Inés experiences a traumatic event while on holiday in a paradise-style resort with her somewhat controlling boyfriend, and as a result begins to confuse the real with the imaginary.

The identity of the intruder of the title is obviously the suspense of the story; Inés employs acquaintances and a range of experiments in order to get to the bottom of her experiences, which present numerous twists and turns. 

There’s a fantastic scene early on involving a member of cabin crew on her holiday flight, and throughout the film Inés finds herself being pressed to take some kind of tablet to calm her down by the men in her life – although it’s not something she seems put out by. 

But from an intriguing enough start, things start to sag a little in the second and third acts with some seemingly irrelevant threads left dangling, and a bit of a predictable ending. 

The musical final credit sequence however is definitely worth hanging around for – Érica Rivas nails it!

The Intruder is playing at London Film Festival #LFF

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