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Film Review: The Prey (2020)

The Prey

The Prey is The Most Dangerous Game set in Cambodia is the B-Movie action film you want.

Jimmy Henderson’s The Prey is a lean mean B-Movie action film that crunches enough bones and gushes enough blood to satisfy any fan of the genre.

While undercover Xin (Gu Shangwei) is arrested and placed in a Cambodian Prison.  The Warden (Vithaya Pansringarm) is a bit of an entrepreneur with a side hustle of selling off his prisoners to Rich elite to hunt in the jungle that surrounds the prison.  A group of Rich ready to get homicidal, Xin is chosen for that Dangerous of Games.  Xin with the help of another Prisoner and others Xin begins to turn the tables in this brutal and deadly game.

Far too often Action films pile on unnecessary exposition and plot devices to pad out the plot.  The Prey does nothing like this. Running a lean and mean 94-minutes the film is never too far from an action scene.  Though the action can be standard issue most of the time there is a brutal economy to it that pushes the movie along.  

The weakest link is the villains of the piece.  Though having Vithaya Pansringarm as the Warden one would expect more.  The subdued nature of the characters almost seems to take away from the fun of the piece.  Thought one appreciates the seriousness that they approach the film there is arched dark humor that is missing to make him truly despicable.  The same goes for Nophand Booyani who plays the psychotic T.  Though T is given a great visual component but the kind of over-the-top menace you want is never there. 

That aside The Prey is the type of fast-moving action film that will make any a Saturday Afternoon an enjoyable one.

The Prey is in Virtual Theaters August 21st

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