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The B-Movie Podcast: Summer of Comedy – Back to School


Adam and Scott are back with another episode. This time they’re changing it up with a series on Comedies. First up Rodney Dangerfield’s Back to School!

This film gets no respect. It was a blockbuster when it was released. It’s funny as hell. It has a murder’s row of talent including the biggest Star in the world, back when he wasn’t a star (hint; his initials are R-D-J). Written by Harold “Groundhog’s Day” Ramis! A score by Danny Elfman (only is second at the time). It even has the prerequisite douchebag preppy played by none other than William “Don’t Call me Billy” Zabka!

Hell, it has a cameo by Kurt Vonnegut. Yes, the Kurt Vonnegut!

Our Co-Host has a great time discussing the film, Dangerfield, and all the stars and greatness that is Back to School. Including, who could forget, the Triple Lindy. If you don’t know what that is… then you need to watch this film now.

End Music is from Danny Elfman’s score for Back to School.

Watch Back to School on Amazon Prime (also if the link goes dead don’t blame us!)

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