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Preoccupation 6: Joe Bob Brigg’s The Last Drive-In: Halloween Hootenanny


Another Preoccupation, another Job Bob Briggs marathon.

I check back in with Joe Bob Brigg.  This time The Last Drive-In covers three of the Halloween Franchise films.  Two are winners and one is a straight-up dud.  It’s no matter because with Brigg’s hosting these films no matter how bad they’re all winners.   

Halloween (1978) 

No matter how many sequels, prequels, reboots, reimaginations that “Producers” Produce nothing can water down or take away from John Carpenter’s original classic.  What’s so great about Joe Bob taking it on, is just how much he sheds a light on how this wasn’t a singular genius invention but rather a lot of people contributing to the right project at the right time.  It’s not that Joe Bob doesn’t love the film, he just understands that Fandom has hyped the legend of this film so much it falters under the weight of its own bullshit fan-created machinations.  Everything that Brigg’s does is in service of the film and just makes it stronger.  Those that take offense aren’t friends.  

Halloween 4: The Curse of Michael Meyers 

It’s a solid little sequel.  Dwight H. Little’s resetting of the Halloween franchise with Donald Pleasance in tow.  Though the star of this and the fifth is child actor supreme Danielle Harris as Laurie Strode’s daughter.  Joe Bob gives praise to all involved.  Though not too much, he does get in his ribbing of the franchise and the movie itself.  My favorite part is his insistence that Halloween 3: Season of the Witch is not a great movie, though Darcy loves the film dearly.  You can see the frustration in Joe Bob as he’s heard this tired tune and he’s not having any of it.  

Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Meyers 

This is a great teardown of a film that people love.  I love that Joe Bob has fun with what is a terrible film and makes no qualms about it.  It’s the simple frustration about story points that is so entertaining.  Darcy interacting with Joe Bob and prodding him about how he will show this and not Part 3 is delightful and comes to an unexpected fruition when the star of Part 3, Tom Atkins, showing up via a phone call.  It definitely does sound like the call shocked Joe Bob.  All the same this is one that you may be inclined to fast forward to the Joe Bob parts but don’t. This is one of those entertainingly bad films rather than boringly bad films.  

All in all it’s a great way to spend seven hours.  Especially, if you’re a Joe Bob fan and are getting prepped for the new season coming at you in just a few days (five at the time of this article’s publication).  

Watch the Halloween Hootenanny right here!

I’ll be back in a few days, with another Preoccupation

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