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The B-Movie Podcast: Crossing the Streaming Services


Adam & Scott are back with a more laid back conversation about Streaming Services. Ones that are NOT Netflix, Disney+ or Hulu. Recommendations that are NOT Tiger King.

Hold on to your butts. This one comes fast and furiosa at y’all. Don’t worry every film we discussed is listed below. This is much more relaxed and not at all focused on one film. Though at the end we get pretty heavily into Mike Flanagan’s filmography. Actually, something we decide On-Air to make our next episode (it is).

Note that Adam and Scott do get a bit more artful and esoteric with their choices here but figured that film fans are film fans are film fans. As it’s a hangout episode the movies they are watching without real purpose are in play here so much is discussed that is of the “Non B-Movie Podcast” variety. Stick with them as its some fascicle and very interesting conversation.

Streaming Platforms Discussed:

Mubi (This link takes you right to the 90 days for $1 deal discussed in the podcast, quick before its gone!)

Shudder (Use the code SHUTIN for a free 30-Day Trail, while it lasts)

The Criterion Channel

The Movies/Filmmaker Series Discussed:

Lav Diaz (on Mubi)

Isabelle Hupert (on Mubi)

Yorgos Lanthimos (on The Criterion Channel)

Channel Zero (on Shudder)

Joe Bob Brigg’s The Last Drive-In (on Shudder)

Luz (on Shudder)

Tigers are not Afraid (on Shudder)

Cold Hell (on Shudder)

Knife + Heart (on Shudder)

The Pool 

The Burning (on Netflix, yeah one film on Netflix but its a doozy of a film)

The John Hawkes Triple Feature:

Small Town Crimes (Netflix) 

Too Late (Rental) 

Bonus: Life of Crime (Rental) 

Horror Double Feature

Into the Dark: The Body (Hulu)

Hush (Netlfix) 

Stay tuned because we’ve got a few bonus episodes in the works that should be a lot of fun. That is in addition to our Mike Flanagan episode we’re doing next week.

To those very active listeners. Yes, that is indeed Q Lazarus’ Goodbye Horses that opens and closes the show. Any B-Movie Pod fan should know the song. Why choose the song? ‘Cause why not! Also, it’s a hint in a very roundabout way to a Commentary that Adam and Scott are going to be recording in a month or so. See if you can guess the movie that has nothing to do with this song and everything to do with this song.

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