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Picard Season 1 Episode 6 – The Impossible Box

Marie and Brendan return for the next instalment of the latest Star Trek series, Picard.                     

Warning: We will definitely be spoiling this episode of Picard, and we have the potential to spoil episodes from other Star Trek series and films too, so please be warned.

A longer episode of Picard ended up being a longer than usual chat this week. 

Brendan and Marie both got a few gripes out of the way as far as Narek is concerned this time around. We talk about why we think he slows everything down and how come Soji still feels the need to spend time with him.

We’re both warming to Elnor now after a slow start. We pick up a number of line readings in this episode that reminded us of Star Trek films and episodes of the past, and we extol the virtues of Ikea accessories.

Marie is back to her wild theories again, then manages to talk herself out of it. 

And Brendan wonders why doing the bleedin’ obvious seems too much of a leap for both Rios and Soji.

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And never forget: “If you can’t win, change the conditions of the test.” – James T Kirk

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