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Picard Season 1 Episode 5 – Stardust City Rag

Marie and Brendan return for the next instalment of the latest Star Trek series, Picard.                     

Warning: We will definitely be spoiling this episode of Picard, and we have the potential to spoil episodes from other Star Trek series and films too, so please be warned.

We both really enjoyed this episode – it serves the wider story arc, but was entertaining in its own right. 

Brendan is feeling extremely smug at having totally called one of the plot twists, and we’ll allow him his moment this week. Marie’s still trying to work out why you would pick such a stupid name for a character on an episode. 

We’ve gone from Absolute Candor to Total Lies very quickly, as we see a different side to … well … just about everyone this week. We touch on just how necessary the opening scene was in terms of gore, and discuss the shocks of this episode.

We also have questions. Lots of them. For example, what does Jurati know? What did they show her? Who are *they*?

Not forgetting: Does Elnor actually have a personality? Did Chakotay ever factor in to Seven’s life? Did Brendan keep his streak of Godfather mentions going? (Yes, of course, he did.)

We were spared the presence of Soji and Narek this week and came to the conclusion that we didn’t really miss them at all.

And again we both totally forgot to mention that this episode was directed by Jonathan Frakes!

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