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Kobayashi Marie: The Podcast – Episode 0

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It’s the first episode of our new podcast!

In anticipation of Picard, the latest series to enter the Star Trek franchise, Marie and Brendan chat about expectations, experience, and a little back story – both ours and the characters’!

Is the presence of the legacy cast in the trailers just a tease? Will our favourite characters be very different this time around? Just how wide-ranging is Jean-Luc’s knitwear wardrobe? 

This is just a short introduction, but we’ll have more to get our teeth into once Picard premieres on 23rd/24th January 2020. 

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You can listen to more episodes of Kobayashi Marie: The Podcast and read other Star Trek related items by visiting the Kobayashi Marie column at The Movie Isle.

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And never forget: “If you can’t win, change the conditions of the test.” – James T Kirk

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