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Adam McKay’s past directorial positions include several films with SNL cast members and themes, including Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004) and Step Brothers (2008). If you add the acclaim of directing a film like The Big Short (2015), it could be enough of a boost to a revamp of Superstar, where the film going audience will have reason to laugh, enjoy, and talk about the film.


One would like to bring back Molly Shannon to be the lead writer for a revamp of MKG, for the simple reason the character is one of her ‘children’ and would need the love and care of their mother. Additionally, Michelle Wolf (Late Night with Seth Meyers (2014-16), The Daily Show (2016-18), and Michelle Wolf: Nice Lady (2017) could and would be a vital co-writer simply due to her refreshing sense of the comedy scene, and comedy fans themselves.


Julio Macat is another talented crew member who has worked with several comedic plots and actors and knows how to draw out moments of both humor and heart. Whether it was the invasion of the McCallister’s house in Home Alone (1990), the profession of love towards the end of Wedding Crashers (2005), to the roller coaster of shenanigans between the fathers in Daddy’s Home (2015), he would fit right in on a revamp of Superstar.  


Mary Katherine Gallagher:

While it could be a start towards Beanie Feldstein being typecast as the ‘Coming of Age Girl’, her contributions to films like Lady Bird (2017) show that she can shine and be as memorable as the lead. She offers an authenticity that causes audiences to laugh with and at her in grace. If she can take a break after American Crime Story (2020), she could pull out her old Catholic School Uniform and find herself a pink cardigan.

Sky Corrigan/Jesus:

Aaron Tveit has quite the stage experience to offer a farce of the ‘good looking senior who gets any part he wants’ that is Sky. While he might not have Ferrell’s build,  was more stoic in Les Misérables (2012), and seemed looser in Grease Live! (2016), he is known to be a funny guy, and that and his fan base could cause more butts in theater seats.  


Kiernan Shipka continues to find her next iconic role since the end of Mad Men (2007-15) and the so-so Flowers in the Attic (2014). While she was bratty in Mad Men, she was a child. Now, since has had more exposure and ability to test her range, she could bring that stubbornness to a teenager version of Sally Draper. 


Ellar Coltrane grew before the audience’s eyes in the award-winning film Boyhood (2014) and has completed a few films since to keep adding to his actor’s toolbox of tricks and trades. While he is not synonymous with Harlan, he could give Slater a new look by being the outcast with a genuine personality. He too could be so much more than the guy with a birthmark that looks like shit.

 Father Ritley:

While I did consider Steve Coogan (Hamlet 2 (2008), and Alan Partridge and Philomena (2013)) for the role of a head of Catholic School, the role would have to go to John Oliver  (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (2014 – Current) and The Lion King (2019). Oliver can not only hold a serious tone in a slapstick scenario, he can also be thoughtful which the role does require from time to time.


Much like Johns, Cloris Leachman is a legend of the stage and screen. Who else would be better to give a new MKG tips on how to wow and stun her audience? From her work in films such as The Last Picture Show (1971) and Young Frankenstein (1974), and TV American Gods (2017 – Current), she is a spit fire who could show them all a thing or two.

Olivia will be back next month with a Revamp so scary we’ll have to rename the column the REVAMPIRE!!!

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