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The Revamp #3: Legend

Legend Quad Poster

The Cast


Tom Holland

Given both of their impish and youthful, good looks, as well as their favor with audiences and critics alike, Tom Holland or Timothee Chalamet would be ideal considerations for the lead role of Jack. However, if I were to choose one over the other it would go to Holland. Jack is a troubled character, but he hardly broods to the point that some of Chalamet previous roles do. He also has the physicality that would be required of Jack in the final ‘showdown’ with Darkness. Is it also a coincidence that his name is Tom, too?….maybe….

Runner Up: Timothee Chalamet


Natalia Dyer

While several names and faces came to mind for the role of Lili, it was when I landed on a picture of Stranger Things Natalia Dyer that the re-casting did itself. Given her place in recent  Science Fiction history with the streaming throwback hit, it could be wise to tie a familiar face to a revamp of a cult classic from the same decade. One also could argue that like Mia Sara, she could be an ‘It Girl’ of the 2010s; famous but relaxed enough to enjoy the finer and realer things in life after becoming a well known face.


Hugh Laurie

Recasting any role of Tim Curry is dubious, and borders on the line of impossible. The man himself is a cult classic and cinematic legend. That being said, several potentials were strong contenders for the role of Darkness, including Jeff Goldblum, Jason Isaac, and the late (great) Alan Rickman. Ultimately, the charming, cool and collective, semi-stoic, and multitalented Hugh Laurie struck my fancy for the devilish role. If you take the dark wit and manic emotional range of Dr. House, and mix it with the experience he has built in other dramatic and comedic roles (both on stage and on screen), I feel that he could deliver a performance that could be his own take on the character, while at the same time approaching a comparable status of Curry’s.

The Revamp will be back in February with a little Valentine’s Remake Cheer

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