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The Revamp #3: Legend

Legend Quad Poster

The Revamp

The Crew


Peter Jackson


Ridley Scott and Frank Oz

Much like the sub-theme of teamwork throughout the film, and the cast and crew behind the original, the various production departments would benefit from a collaboration between creative minds. While one would want Peter Jackson to be at the helm of the project, given his creative and artistic vision as well as the zeal and box office success of his previous work (ever heard of a little franchise called Lord of the Rings?), the dream team of producers to rely on for this remake would consist of science fiction and fantasy legends Frank Oz, and Scott himself. Their consultation would greatly aide Jackson in any choice or cut he would have to make along the way.

Director of Photography

Dariusz Wolski

Mr. Wolski is not a household name, but his work has graced millions of household screens due to their box office success (Prometheus (2012), The Martian (2015), and several of the Pirates of the Caribbean films, just to name a few), as well as the impressive look of the film based on his own attention to details. While the landscapes of Mars and the vast oceans could be viewed as monotone and overwhelming on any screen, he seems to have foresight into the ending result of his shots, because each inch of the screen is a delightful snippet of the bigger picture itself. You can enjoy smaller sections and in turn enjoy the whole on a deeper, aesthetic level. This would greatly serve any remake of a fairy tale land, where the possibilities are truly endless to make each scene a moving painting.

Makeup, Wardrobe, and Production Design

Ve Neill, Janty Yates, Simon Lamont, and Nick Dudman.

Not only is collaboration important within the various departments, it is also important across the production staff as a whole. That being said, it is vital to include some of the best of the best women in the filmmaking trade to counter the larger percentage of men. Ve Neill and Janty Yates are two of those women. Given their professionalism, attention to detail in each makeup application and costume, and their bodies of previous work that dabble in the world of fantasy (for Neill Edward Scissorhands (1990), How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000), and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise; and for Yates Kingdom of Heaven (2005), Robin Hood (2010), and Alien Covenant (2017)), both artists would greatly contribute to the revamp of this cult classic by taking the modern tools at their disposal, and still delivering that ‘period piece’ or ‘story book’ feel.

Along with Neill and Yates, the creative vision and skills of Simon Lamont (Hellboy (2005)) and Nick Dudman (The Fifth Element (1997) and creature designer for the Harry Potter franchise) would greatly add to that ‘period piece/story book’ feel. In a modern filmmaking world where we can generate anything and everything we could imagine onto a screen, the manual work of these two gentlemen stands well on its own two feet, which could offer the chance for the film to be a combination of prop and CGI effects to add the depth to the world within the film.

That is if the price is right…


Howard Shore

One of the intriguing elements of Legend that might be lost upon initial viewers is how the score works exceptionally well for the emotional tone of the film and its characters, as well as how it serves the fantasy genre overall. While some would consider John Williams and Hans Zimmer, it would be best to hire Howard Shore, who was responsible for the score of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit franchises. Sticking to what is comfortable for the directing team, and for what audiences would want out of a fantasy film soundtrack, Shore would be one of the best candidates to compose a new score for this particular remake, should they decide to go that route. At the very least, he could conduct the orchestra with the original music.

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