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DVD Review: Well Go USA’s Crocodile Island 

Crocodile Island

A Crashed Plane in the Devil’s Sea ends up on CROCODILE ISLAND! New to DVD from Well Go USA

The Film 

There’s Alligator.  There’s Lake Placid.  Hell, there’s even Dark Age.  All good killer alligator/croc movies.  Then there’s Crocodile Island.  Which is entertaining yes, but good?  Not so much.  Part of the reason is the half-baked VFX work done to bring not just the Crocs but all of the creepy crawlies to life. 

Lin Hao (Gallen Lo) and his daughter Yi (Liao Yinyue) are trying to reconnect after Yi’s mother’s sudden death on their way back to mainland China.  This family drama is interrupted by their plane crossing over the Asian equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle aka The Devil’s Sea.  Their plane crashes with just their luck on an island whose only residents are of the blood thirty variety.  Armed with literally nothing Lin, Yi, and the few remaining passengers try to make it to the coast for a supposed rescue while being hunted by a man-eating crocodile. 

The problem with Crocodile Island isn’t that it’s completely terrible and cheesy in the wrong ways.  It’s that the film is a battle between what’s good (the family drama) and what’s truly terrible (the creatures).  Lo and Yinyue both do excellent work here as estranged father and daughter.  Had the FX work had not been rushed or physical FX work had been employed here and there, the film would have been a solid action thriller.  Or had gone the other way to make it more of a satire with the acting going arched.  

Those who do love a bad movie may be entertained but more frustrated with Crocodile Island as its struggles with setting the tone (because of lackluster FX work) make it a “enter at your own risk” proposition.  

The Transfer

The transfer unlike the movie is a solid good DVD transfer.  Of course, even with the updated tech on Blu-rays to create a cleaner image the transfer is stuck in the realm of DVD.  That being said the image is clean, sharp, and generally a solid experience.  

The Extras

They include the following;

  • Trailer

The Final Thought 

Crocodile Island’s acting far outshines the troubling FX work but it’s not enough to elevate the film beyond lackluster.  

Well Go USA’s edition of Crocodile Island edition of is out November 21st 

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