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Your Lucky Day: Fantastic Fest 2023 

Your Lucky Day

The American Dream, a $156 million lotto ticket, quickly turns into the American Nightmare in Your Lucky Day.  Playing Fantastic Fest 2023 

What would you do for a split of $156 million is the conundrum at the center of writer/director Daniel Brown’s excellent new crime thriller, Your Lucky Day.  The patrons of a liquor store on Christmas Eve are about to find out after a series of mishaps leaves a cop and the owner of the ticket dead after an attempted hold-up by a desperate drug dealer (Angus Cloud).  The ever-evolving thriller makes effective use of its single location with adroit writing and performances that go beyond plot mechanics.  Brown’s film is lean and economical but always a step ahead keeping an audience on its toes till the very end.   

Your Lucky Day works as well as a film about moral quandaries and decisions that people make.  Well beyond the “what would you do for millions” the film digs deeper into the entrenched struggles people face, the things that people must and will do, and how much someone is willing to compromise themselves.  

The cast is uniformly terrific led by the late Angus Cloud.  Though the actor is a part of an ensemble that’s just as impressive as he is.  It’s Jessica Garza as one half of a couple roped into the plan to keep the Lotto ticket.  Garza is the heart and soul of the film and more than steps up when Brown’s film requires her to.  Garza is equally matched by a truly wonderfully evil turn late in the film by Jason O’Mara.  Their scenes together are tense, thrilling, and anxiety-provoking in a way that few thrillers are lucky to be. 

Your Lucky Day ultimately works because of the adroit script by Brown and some truly wonderful twists that never feel coy or out of place.  Pardon the pun but Your Lucky Day is a winner and one that people will truly relish in discovering.  

Your Lucky Day plays Fantastic Fest 2023 09/23 and 09/27 

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