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Kirya – Fantasia Film Festival 2020


A DJ picks up the wrong woman at the club, and the night quickly devolves into something altogether different.  

Writer/Director Sidharth Srinivasan otherworldly film Kriya is a film that should be experienced but also researched as it is a deeply personal and affecting film about religion, faith, and a woman’s role in the Hindu faith.

I have thought long and hard about Kriya. The film can be adequately described but a plot synopsis does not do the film justice.  A nightmarish odyssey of spiritual, religious, sexual, and familial experience.  The film drops its central protagonist into a situation he is very much out of his element.  Much like the viewer the film, his experience, and journey through this night washes over Neel (Noble Luke) like warm blood.  Terrifying and unexplainable at moments.  If one is not steeped in traditional Hindu Rituals or even accustomed to them, this film can be difficult for the average viewer.  That should not dissuade the more adventuresome cineastes to experience this unique film.  Kriya is a transgressive experience even more so if you do your own research on the film’s subject.  The more knowledge one has of these rituals and the feminine role in said religion will find the experience the greater an appreciation one has for Srinivasan’s film and bold vision. 

Kriya is playing Fantasia August 26th and August 29th

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