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The B-Movie Podcast: Bonus Episode – Bay’s 6 Underground


Don’t just blame Scott for this one. Blame both of us. We’re huge Michael Bay Fans. To see the Gent go back to R-Rated Action films is a huge thing. We discuss the film, Netflix, and the “everything” about this giant action film.

Only Bay’s return form “robots in disguise” movies would prompt such excitement between Adam and Scott. Does Bay deliver his trademark “Bayhem”? Well, you’re going to have to listen to the podcast and watch the film yourself to figure that one out.

For those that decide to listen before they watch… MILD SPOILERS on the podcast. Additionally, the Spice Girls interlude is DEFINITELY a reference from within the film. You’ll see… We’ll make it easy for you with a link below to watch:

Watch 6 Underground here!!!!

Another note, this is NOT a Michael Bay-centric episode… that will come later. Right now, it’s all about this $200 million R-Rated Action Epic that you can’t see on any giant-ass screen unless you consider your own TV is considered a giant-ass screen.

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