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Kobayshi Marie #10: Star Trek Discovery Ep. 11

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Kobayashi Marie continues its discussion of the first season of Star Trek Discovery with Episode 11 – The Wolf Inside

Oh no! Starting off an episode with Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) holding a deceased Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz) is not what I wanted to see. Not at all. So sad.

Of course, the crew now thinks that it was Stamets who killed Culber, which makes everything ten times worse. That the audience knows who actually did do it makes it one hundred times worse. A little later we kind of get Stamets back which is great, and all down to Tilly’s (Mary Wiseman) interventions. Her time as Captain is clearly giving her the confidence she’s been lacking until now.

This episode makes use of lots of very strange angles for its shots; it creates a really strong sense of unease which is entirely justified, as things are about to get even more tense than previously.

I mean, it’s happened to us all hasn’t it? You meet someone you like, you take a while to get to know them, you begin to trust them and even love them. And then they turn out to be a Klingon who has been surgically altered to take on the form of a human … who then tries to kill you. So you have no option but to execute them. Typical, isn’t it?

This all comes to a head because Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) is determined to find out how an alliance of Klingons, Vulcans, Andorians and others could ever come about. In a weird state of affairs Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) and Voq meet face to face, meaning that he actually triggers himself. The music and visuals make me jump every time Kahless is mentioned, never mind Tyler. And there’s a clever piece of camerawork where Voq is speaking but the lens remains with a bewildered Tyler trying to put all the pieces together.

Shout outs this episode to Sarek’s goatee, Michael Burnham’s fabulous sleepwear selection and, of course, the marvelous Michelle Yeoh’s re-entry to the storyline.

Kobayashi Marie will be back on Friday with an all new column continuing its on-going journey to (for now) recap Season 1 of Star Trek Discovery

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